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The Musil - Museum of Industry and Labour of Brescia is a project promoted by the Fondazione Luigi Micheletti, through a long preparation started in the '80s and continued in the '90s with the first collections (the first item was bought by Luigi Micheletti on the 5th September 1989).

Today, more than 2,500 items are stocked in the museum's storages: machines, equipments, instruments and several objects of the industrial civilization. Most of these items belong to the film and television, engineering, textile, tanning and printing fields; there are also some important memorabilia of the Italian industry. All the material is inventoried, photographed and can be consulted in the digital database.


This section is dedicated to the presentation of the inventories of the objects that compose the collections of Brescia's Museum of Industry and Labour. The inventories are available online on the Musil's website.

Inventories (Musil's website) »

The Fondazione Luigi Micheletti and the Musil - Museum of Industry and Labour of Brescia, together with other operative organizations of the area, are working to elaborate a certificated index card to catalogue the industrial heritage. In this perspective, some experimental index cards are being published.