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Film Library

The Film Library, with about 6,000 reels (mostly in the 35 mm format) and about 3,000 tapes (professional videos on different magnetic formats), has very important collections of the history of the Italian film industry.

There are also a thousand reels coming from the Cinestabilimento by the Fratelli Donato, in Milan, including silent films of the first decades of 20th century, industrial documentaries, newsreels, advertisements and different works of the '70s. A list is available. About 3,500 reels and 1,800 tapes come from the Roberto Gavioli's Gamma Film production, a Milanese company, European leader in the production of animated cartoons from 1940 to 1970 and after. A particularly noteworthy feature in this collection, are more than 2,000 carosello produced from 1957 to 1977 by the Gamma Film, some animated feature films and many documentaries and industrial films.

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